Selasa, 25 November 2014

Comparison of tires for SUV and 4 × 4

The proliferation in recent years of 4 × 4 vehicles or SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles) makes users do not know what the best 4 × 4 tire for your vehicle and what is more important, than the tire best meet their expectations .

Vehicles with 4-wheel drive but with high displacements whose main use is the road have a wide range of tires both brands and models. Try to segment these ranges by brand and model:

Premium if the use will be more sporty, (most of these vehicles are high capacity and power), brands such as Michelin have in their range of Latitude Sport tires. Pirelli offers P Zero Rosso tires. Meanwhile, Goodyear Wrangler F1 has the range and finally Continetal offers ranges CrossContact UHP, 4 × 4 SportContact and specific ContiTrac SUV.

Another brand that is offering a product with very good value for money is the General brand and specifically for use in high performance road the Grabber UHP range.

If we are at a lower level of utilization, ie without requiring a more typical of a sports benefits of a 4 × 4, manufacturers offer us ranges where comfort and lasting relationship is closer without affecting the performance of tires .

We found the French manufacturer Michelin Synchrone and Latitude with HP tires. Pirelli Scorpion STR and s / t. Bridgestonte offers the Dueler 680, Dueler Dueler 683 and 689 range and finally Goodyear Wrangler AP.

Finally, it is necessary to pay special tribute to the prestigious 4 × 4 tires BFGoodrich (Dakar Rally Champion) although his specialty is off road has the Macadam T / A range (90% highway and 10% off road) the Radial Long Trail range T / a and Long Trail T / A Tour (80% highway and 20% off road).

20 Top Best SUV Cars

Well I ended fiscal year (in many countries ends on March 31, if not almost all) and many companies made their accounts, drew their sales numbers, paid taxes and bla bla bla, so now is a good time to talk about what were the 20 best-selling cars in this 2014 compact SUV (one), pickup, all are in this list, ranged from last year, other renewed models, other sales fell, and others climbed, finally, here is the first part of this count, we go backwards, enjoy it:


20. Toyota Prius

Sales: 43.638

No doubt the Prius dominates the hybrid market, so much so that they have already released a cheaper version, Prius C, and a larger version, Prius V, but with so resurgence of companies that are turning to land future profitable market hybrid and even electric vehicles, its sales numbers last year were down 22%.


19. Ford Explorer

Sales: 46.068

Ford Explorer is an excellent choice right now when it comes to choosing a SUV, and the numbers prove it, as the only listed, good driving, economical petrol engine options to choose from, many customization options luxury (eye, USA), make this the best truck SUV this year, more however has been reduced sales by 10% due to the onslaught of many new models.


18. Chevrolet Malibu

Sales: 49.179

The previous version of this model was not good opinions among experts, which led him to take an enhanced version that will compensate the lost sales margin, rear seats more comfortable, and now comes with on-off button, modification of brakes and suspension, among other small details, most nevertheless could not go positive, and sales were down 2%, but nevertheless a new turbo version may make up that number.


17. Nissan Rogue

Sales: 50.448

With excellent sales 47%, the new model Nissan Rogue seems to be a resounding success from the Japanese company, now built in the US instead of coming directly from Japan, the Rogue enjoying a new chassis and is 15 % more efficient than the Nippon model, even is the second CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) best-selling, just below the Nissan Altima, although still below the Toyota Rav4, Ford Escape and Honda CR-V, but this could change if you keep your streak.


16. Ford Focus.

Sales: 51.903

With a wide range of variants, from electrical, to high performance, no doubt why this top 20, Good facelift in its new version, and improved handling and grip, but with a lackluster My Ford Touch , cunfuso for most buyers make this car has lowered its sales 16% over last year, to improve to not lose many sales.


15. Toyota Rav4

Sales: 53.064

In a market dominated by models so to speak segment, exaggerated in design, and which dominate the 4-cylinder Toyota has defended with an angular design, new exterior parts, and even an optional 6-cylinder engine, the interior received a good change for the better, all this makes up 24% have sales over last year, but nevertheless need to renew even more to stay among the best.


14. Hyundai Elantra

Sales: 53.237

THE Elantra presents a series of new amendments, attractive appearance, improved performance, and even now get a choice of two variants, the Coupe and the GT 4 door hatchback, but yet has still negative, the fuel economy is not the best according to the EPA (supplier of data on fuel efficiency in vehicles), and maneuverability is not very good to say, making sales has dropped 2%, if any of this makes you frown, look for another model list.


13. Chevrolet Equinox

The third CUV on the list, is a very good option for those looking to save fuel level in a small car, and extra cargo capacity and drag to a sport / utility vehicle. This model provides comfort while driving and not a little strong as most large utilities Chevrolet, but yet having a 4 cylinder does have little power, if I had a choice as manufactures a 6 cylinder, was another story , its sales were down 5% from last year.

So far our review today, we will continue tomorrow, any question below, will be answered gladly. To read more deatil about information above , kindly visit Best 2015 SUV Cars